All about IT security jobs

IT security jobs can have many job titles such as information technology technician, IT security engineer or IT security consultant. Those employed within an IT security job are responsible for ensuring that information stored electronically is secure at all times, and may involve the overseeing of websites, intranets and corporate servers and networks.

In order to work in an IT security role, applicants are required to have significant knowledge of security principals and policies including those relating to the retention and destruction of data. Knowledge of the data protection act and confidentiality is essential. Applicants should also have knowledge of viruses and spyware which can potentially harm a computer if they were to appear on computer networks, in addition to knowledge and experience of installing information security systems, configuring software and ensuring that they are running correctly. Supporting the day to day functionality of the software and ensuring that the software and firewalls are regularly updated is also an essential component of the role within IT security.

In order to work in this area, applicants must possess several years experience of having worked as an IT technician or in a similar role, excellent communication skills to be able to explain problems to people with no technical knowledge in a way that they will understand, an excellent command of the English language being able to write coherently. Organisational skills and the ability to follow through a task to its completion are also essential, so too is the ability to solve problems in a methodical manner. Applicants must also be qualified to an appropriate level having obtained an Information Technology degree, or vocational qualification.

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