Still searching for that perfect IT manager job?

Despite the fact that the United Kingdom's economy is still very much struggling right now, there are a surprising amount of IT jobs available out there for those of you have the right mixture of experience and qualifications to take advantage of the vacancies. The IT sector is not only one of the most lucrative out there right now, but also one of the most important for almost all businesses, meaning that demand has remained high despite the struggles of many other industries.

In order to be considered for an IT manager job, you're going to need at least three years of prior work experience in the field, particularly experience gained in a supervisory position. It will be your responsibility to oversee the entire IT operation of your company from top to bottom, so you'll need to have an excellent understanding of the technology and processes underpinning the jobs required of your IT infrastructure.

While an ability to program isn't necessary, it can come in quite handy, meaning that those of you who have degrees in computer science may find it a little easier to find work.

The essential skills and traits required of any successful IT manager include the ability to work to tight deadlines, strong understanding of emerging technologies, the ability to communicate with end users in plain English, outstanding technichal knowledge of networks, computers, servers, security and telecommunications technology and much more.

You should be able to find a position with a starting wage of between £22,000 and £25,000 per year by checking out some of the websites below;

  • cwjobs.co.uk
  • computing.co.uk/jobs
  • totaljobs.com
  • theitjobboard.co.uk


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