We take a look at some potential IT jobs in Surrey

If you are interested in working with computers, then the IT industry could well be the career for you. With almost every company out there needing a dedicated IT professional at the very least, and a full department in many cases, there are plenty of positions available out there for those of you with the knowledge and skills to excel in a job based around computers.

However with so many different positions available, deciding which one is right for you can be quite tricky. Rather than committing to a single role which will close off others, we recommend you take a look at one of the most versatile entry level IT jobs in Surrey available; the role of network engineer.

While it might sound like an overly technical position, it actually isn't. It will basically be your role to administer your company's network on a very basic level. Traditionally, network engineers will do things like monitor internet usage, implement anti-virus protection, maintain firewalls, ensure that there are no security issues on the network and report any problems to their superior.

You don't need any kind of specific qualification in order to carry out this kind of job due to the fact that you'll learn everything as you go. However in order to get your foot in the door it would be very helpful if you could demonstrate knowledge of basic network protocols, as well as computer maintenance. As an entry level network engineer you can expect to earn between £16,000 and £19,000 per year.

Finding IT jobs in Surrey can be difficult unless you know where to look, fortunately there are plenty of resources available online to help you out. We recommend keeping a close eye on the following;

  • computerweekly.com
  • computing.co.uk
  • itjobswatch.com
  • cwjobs.com


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