How to find IT jobs in the Middle East

While working in IT jobs in the Middle East might not be for everyone, if you can handle a conservative culture and the restrictions that come with it, it can be a great way to make a high salary. Plus, income is usually tax-free and housing and health care are paid for. If you're considering working in Information Technology in the Middle East, check out these great ways to find an IT job.

workinthemiddleeast.com - A great place to start looking for an IT job is a website called Work in the Middle East. Their job listings cover the IT field and include jobs in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Here, you'll find listings for IT Managers, Systems Officers, Account Executive, Senior Consultants, Programmers and more. Search by country or by job, then post your CV.

gulftalent.com - Gulf Talent places IT professionals at companies like Google, Cisco Systems, Ericsson, Avnet, Qatar Telecom, Samsung Electronics and Nawras. They cover every Gulf and Middle Eastern country, and every IT position. Consider a job as a Programmer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, or what about being an IT Business Analyst in Dubai?

But, don't just upload your CV and go. Read Gulf Talent's articles on employment and salary trends in the Middle East. They'll give you some great information on where the IT field is heading in the Middle East and what opportunities you're likely to find.

arabiahotjobs.com - Arabia Hot Jobs is one of the Middle East's biggest job recruitment sites and covers jobs in countries like Kuwait, Egypt, Oman and even Palestine.

The site's Information Technology section covers IT Project Managers, UNIX Systems Specialists, and Database Administrators, to name just a few. Search by company, country, salary or keywords.

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