We check out some of the opportunities for IT jobs in schools

When most people think about jobs in schools, their first thoughts are usually about teachers, followed by admin staff and dinner ladies, however very few people seem to realise just how many IT based positions are available in the schools across the United Kingdom these days.

Like most places of work, modern schools require a solid IT infrastructure, from networked computers in IT rooms right through to the computer systems being used by admin staff and school management in order to ensure that the school's work is carried out with the utmost efficiency.

When you consider third level schools, things open up even further, with plenty of vacancies for highly specialised IT professionals including programmers, database administrators, systems analysts and network experts. Whatever your IT qualification, you're bound to find something that's suited to your needs within the United Kingdom's education system.

One of the real perks about working in IT in schools is the fact that you'll be able to keep up with all the latest innovations and technological developments. Given the fast pace of the education world, it's no surprise to learn that schools, especially third level facilities, update their systems more than most businesses, so those of you who like to stay abreast with the latest gadgets and techniques will absolutely love the fast pace of the working environment.

In order to keep up to date with the latest IT jobs in schools in the United Kingdom, we recommend you check out jobs.ac.uk, which lists hundreds of vacancies at any given time.

While there are too many different kinds of job to explore here, some of the positions available in the education system include Oracle Development DBA Systems Consultants who can earn between £39,100 and £41,400 per annum, Senior Analyst Programmers who can earn between £33,000 and £40,000 per year and Service Desk Managers who can expect to bring home between £38,996 and £46,149 per year.


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