IT jobs for graduate students

Some of the best and highest paying IT jobs are for graduate students. Once you receive your degree, there are limitless possibilities and potential areas of IT and communication technology you can find yourself working in; a degree doesn't just qualify you in one area, it also establishes you as an expert in a wider field of study and shows you can stick to a goal for over 3 years.

Potential jobs for graduates in IT

IT jobs for graduate students vary depending on the degree you've taken and the current job market. In general, most IT jobs for graduates come under the following:

Applications developer

Potential IT jobs for graduate students include applications developers, who translate software requirements from clients into workable programmes - basically, applications developers create all sorts of software, programmes and applications for IT systems. This is becoming a very sought after position because of the boom in Android apps and technological advances in the business area, with a potential salary of up to £30,000 per annum.

IT consultant

The IT consultant position is the most popular graduate job on the market. Usually, this role requires you to work in partnership with other clients and advise them on how to use technology to benefit and meet business objectives.

Network engineer

Network engineer IT jobs for graduate students are popular for those who have a more traditional technical based knowledge, rather than individuals interested in app and the growing consumer market. A network engineer is responsible for installing and maintaining the communication system between computers, usually in businesses, and may often work for various clients ensuring all networks perform to required standards.

Information systems manager

Information systems managers are responsible for overseeing all IT and technical duties in a company; the position is highly paid, in some circumstances over £50,000, but requires a graduate with exceptional experience or qualifications in managing large IT systems and staff.

Finding IT jobs

To find the best IT jobs for graduate students you should ask your university or an educational institution in the first instance. Usually, universities are linked to other businesses in an agreement to provide potential employees in exchange for resources, so it's likely they'll have the first pick of available positions or be able to forward you application on to a partner company.

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