How to write a cover letter for IT jobs

When writing a cover letter for IT jobs, your main consideration should be balancing technical terms with readability. We discuss how to do it...

Before you start writing your cover letter, imagine your target audience. If you're told who to address your application to, you'll have a head start. Research the addressee and find out who they are and where they work. If your application is being sent to the IT manager, it's safe to assume that you can get technical on your cover letter.

If, on the other hand, your application is being sent to the HR department, avoid jargon and industry terminology. If you don't know who will receive your application, write for an educated layman (i.e. a non-IT professional).

Of course, your CV should list your specific skills, including details about systems and processes. However, your cover letter should be readable without being too vague. Leave out the clichéd soft skills like 'hard working' and 'dedicated'. Instead, focus on the skills that are important for this particular job.

Use your cover letter to tie your skills together with those that are required for the vacancy. Use the buzz words and key criteria that the employer lists in the job specification. However, ensure that you're adding something new and not just repeating the information contained on your CV.

Always always proof read your cover letter. If possible, ask a friend to do so as well. IT professionals should be detail-orientated and an employer won't be impressed by spelling and grammar mistakes or typos.


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