How to get IT job training at work

IT job training allows you to develop specific computer and technology skills which will be useful to you in the workplace. Extra training may mean that you are more efficient, can take on extra responsibilities, or can develop your own ideas and plan using information technology.

More and more employers nowadays are not only preferring but expecting their employees to have at least a basic level of computer literacy. If you do not currently know how to use a computer, getting your employer to fund a course for you, or to provide training in house, may be just the boost to your CV that you need in order to start competitive.

Step 1: Outline your case

Employers, especially nowadays, simply do not have the money to send everyone on every course that they wish to undertake. Despite this, many have a budget and will decide who to allocate funding to on a needs basis. Make sure that your case for IT job training includes the benefits that extra skills will have to the company - note how it will increase efficiency primarily as this is what most employers invest their funding into.

Step 2: Find a course yourself

If the employer has not yet sent someone on an IT job training course, they may find that corporate training packages are well out of budget. Find some alternatives yourself which are cheaper. Does your local college offer low-cost training? Can you sign up for a course where you learn at home? These avenues bring costs down and make it more likely that you will be given funding.

Step 3: Approach the request politely

The biggest mistake is feeling like your employer "owes" you training. They do not; they could simply just hire someone else with better skills. However, remember that you will know the company well and will know how everything operates so it is better for the employer to invest in your professional development rather than to start out with someone new. Request a meeting with whoever makes financial decisions and outline your concern that your lack of training is an area which you would like to improve on. Present your case and answer clearly in order that your employer can assess your needs accurately.

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