Need help with your IT job search?

Despite the fact the the United Kingdom's economy is still struggling somewhat, the IT industry has fared pretty well through these challenging times. Since the vast majority of companies in existence these days need at least a skeleton IT department in order to keep things like the internet, email and network infrastructure in place, the number of jobs available within the IT industry has remained quite high.

If you are looking for work in IT then we can offer you some advice that might just speed up your IT job search. Firstly, it's always useful to know exactly what kind of work you're looking for. If you excel at one particular facet of IT, such as network administration, then be sure to stick to that when searching for jobs.

Since so many people working in the IT industry are highly specialised in one particular field, it makes sense for them to focus on that field only in order to give themselves the best possible chance of finding work.

It will help if you have some form of third level degree or HND in your chosen field, since the level of competition in the IT sector can be quite high, and you'll constantly need to be fighting off recent graduates with degrees and doctorates who like the look of your job!

There are a number of great resources out there that specialise in covering work in the IT industry in the United Kingdom, and which can help you with your search for work. We have listed the most popular below;

  • cwjobs.co.uk
  • theitjobboard.co.uk
  • computing.co.uk/jobs
  • technojobs.co.uk
  • itjobs-online.com
  • theitjob.com


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