Find IT home work with our help

If you are an IT expert, your skills are in demand right now. So much so, that many employers are willing to employ you on a work from home basis. This offers a great opportunity for any IT professional who is seeking a better work / life balance. Here are some of the best ways to find IT home work jobs...

  • IT job listing websites: these websites list thousands of vacancies across the UK, and dozens of these are available on a work from home basis. Industry websites often carry more IT-specific advice for job seekers than the regular, general job search websites.
  • Gumtree or Craig's List: if you are looking for casual or piece work from home, Gumtree and Craig's List are great resources to help find a job. Smaller and independent employers may also list full time work from home jobs on these sites, as they aren't deterred by advertising fees (it's free to advertise here).
  • IT recruitment agencies: recruiting IT staff is a lucrative business. These agencies often have contacts and vacancies on their books that aren't available elsewhere. Arrange a meeting with a recruitment specialist and let them know that you are interested in working from home or telecommuting.
  • Apply speculatively to companies: many large employers in the UK (for example, BT), allow employees to telecommute. Do some research on the employers that offer similar schemes, then send them a speculative cover letter and CV. You never know what great IT opportunities you could come across.


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