Is there much work in Australia?

Before you up sticks and head Down Under, it's worth doing some careful research and planning. One of the most important considerations should be the availability of work. So if you're wondering is there much work in Australia, we've rounded up a summary of the state of the job market and your chances for finding a job.

Teaching jobs in Australia - Secondary and special needs teachers are in high demand in Australia, especially mathematics and science teachers. Pre school teachers also have a good chance of finding work. Humanities and arts teachers will often face stiff competition for vacancies.

Trades in Australia - The majority of tradespeople, including plumbers, electricians and tilers, are in high demand in Australia, and many qualify for regional sponsorship or fast track immigration schemes. Tradespeople are well paid in Australia and there is a strong possibility that you'll find a job quickly.

Creative jobs in Australia - Australia has a blossoming creative digital sector, which is centred around Melbourne and Sydney. There are plenty of great opportunities, but bear in mind that you'll face stiff competition and that you usually won't qualify for a working visa unless you get sponsored.

Engineering jobs in Australia - Due to the strong mining sector, engineers will find some excellent opportunities in Australia. Engineers tend to be very well paid and many operate on a flexible work schedule.

Admin jobs in Australia - As with admin jobs in the UK, you'll find most of these opportunities in the cities. There are plenty of vacancies, but you normally won't qualify for a visa unless you find a sponsor.


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