Is homeschooling legal in the UK?

Home schooling your child has lots of advantages but there are some downsides too. You can teach your child at their own pace, you can maximise the day because there’s no travelling to and from school and your kid won’t have to worry about bullying from the teachers or the other kids, but is homeschooling legal in the UK?
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Thankfully you can home school your child without any issues as it’s legal in the UK but there are things you need to do to make sure that your local council are aware of how your child’s being educated.

From 5 years old

All parents are responsible for making sure that their child gets a full-time education once they reach the age of 5. You don’t need to follow the national curriculum. Due to this your council may make what’s called an “informal enquiry” about your child’s education. That’s just to make sure that the kid’s getting a stable education. If they believe that your son or daughter isn’t getting a suitable education, they can serve a school attendance order.

Taking your child out of school

If you’re taking your kid out of school permanently, you have to tell the school. To inform them you have to formally write to the head teacher. If you’d like the school to still be involved with the child’s education, you can ask them to teach your kid part-time but they aren’t under any obligation to do so.

Final word

Before you make the decision as to whether homeschooling is a good idea for your kid, check out our guide to the pros and cons of homeschooling. For further information, why not head to gov.uk/home-education?

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