Invest your career choice in banking!

Before we start: what does a banking job entail? Banking careers can be broken up into several groups, such as investment banking and retail banking, analysis, derivatives, advisory roles and much more. A love of economics, maths, numbers and money is definitely helpful!

A great place to start your banking job search is Banking Jobs UK. This is a user-friendly website that has loads of jobs in the banking industry, just waiting for you to snap them up! You can search via investment or retail banks, jobs by specialism or the latest jobs to be advertised. You can also upload your CV onto the site, so headhunters and potential employees can approach you!

eFinancial Careers is another excellent site for finding your banking job. It has a total of 22 sites in five different languages, and it prides itself on being the leading network of career sites for banking and financial professional. You can use their advanced search engine to look for jobs via sector, location, position type, salary, keywords and key phrases. Make sure you check out their ‘News and Advice’ section to learn about the latest news in the banking industry and useful hints when looking for your banking job.

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