Interview questions to ask

One of the most nerve-wracking moments during any interview occurs at the end, just when you thought it was time to relax. When the interviewer asks if you have any queries, your mind can begin racing. You might worry that asking the wrong question, or none at all, will jeopardize your good work. However, the interview questions to ask are mostly down to common sense.

Good questions to ask

The most important thing to get into your head is the fact that the traditional conclusion to any interview – the role reversal – is not intended to trick you. Being invited to submit any interview questions to ask represents a good opportunity to tie up loose ends. Perhaps there are aspects about the job you wish to clarify. You should take this chance to assess the interviewers, trying to gauge their own impressions of the company.

As for a short-list of the actual questions, a recommended place to start would be some clarification about the job itself. You might want to know why the previous incumbent left. This could indicate whether there are promotion possibilities, or if there were underlying reasons why that person decided to move on. Certainly try and find out anything else about the chief responsibilities of the position that weren’t fully covered during the interview. You can tease out the finer points, such as whether or not travel is involved, or what the likelihood is of overtime or bonus incentives.

It is also a good idea to steer the conversation away from the more formal aspects of any role. If you enquire about social events, or clubs that may run amongst the workforce, you are already demonstrating a willingness to mix with your potential new colleagues. This will also give you a clearer picture of how pleasant the working environment will be.

What not to ask at interviews

When considering interview questions to ask, never enquire about what the organization actually does. The interviewing panel will expect you to have done some pre-interview research if you are genuinely interested. Don't ask if you have got the job. Employers like assertive individuals, but you should respect the fact that the interview board will be facing many candidates.

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