Example Interview Questions for Receptionist Jobs

Interview questions for receptionist positions will normally be based on your previous experience and how well you know certian procedures. Some companies only require minimal experience, but if you intend to work for a larger company - or one that deals with confidential information - you will require more extensive experience for the job.

Potential Questions and Answer Guidance

What do you know this company and our services?

This is a typical question asked in most interviews, but this interview question for receptionist jobs is particularly important; as the receptionist, you will be providing information to various people and will need to know exactly what kind of company you will be working for, in case you have to provide this information.

How many people did you interact with in previous roles?

These kind of interview questions for receptionist roles is aimed to gauge your suitablility for the company - especially if you are looking to work for an employer that deals with a high volume of customers. Your potential employer will want to know the average amount of people you interacted with on a daily basis to assess whether your experience is relevant for the amount of customers/inquiries their company will receive.

How do you keep your daily schedule organised?

As the receptionist, you will be expected to be organised and effeciently handle changes in your schedule. Provide a brief overview of how to manage your daily workload, and provide examples from previous employment experiences where your organising abilities have shone through.

How did you handle a particular situation?

Your potential employer may ask you how you handled a particular situation, such as an angry customer, missing information/files, either over the phone or face to face. Try to be has honest as you can and pull an example from previous employments; if the situation didn't go well, explain where you went wrong and how you worked to imrpvoe on this later.

General Questions

Other interview questions for receptionist roles will include the general questions asked in most interviews, such as highlighting your weaknesses and strengths, how your experience is relevant for the position available, what knowledge you have of certain computer programmes, procedures you followed in previous employments and how your particular skill set/experience can benefit their company.

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