Typical interview questions for nurses

When you're interviewed for a nurse position you will be asked the standard questions of any job. Your employer will want to know your experience, skills, job history, your training and qualifications and your interests. However, some positions can be very specific, especially in the medical industry, and they may ask other questions related to the position. Here are a few typical interview questions for nurses that you may be asked.

Nurse interview questions

Typical interview questions for nurses will usually be focused on your experience, skills and qualifications, or a willingness to learn and undertake qualifications if you have none. Many nursing positions require experience and qualifications to even begin working, so you should be expected to be thoroughly questioned about your skills.

Some typical questions include:

  • How has your training prepared you for a nursing career? If you are asked this question, think about your experience or training and take examples of where you showed your were competant as a nurse, such as overcoming certain challenges.
  • Why did you want to choose a nursing career? Focus on addressing this question in relation to improving people's quality of living, and touch on how you find the role interesting.
  • How do you handle stress?Nursing positions can be very stressful, so you will probably be asked how well you can handle stress. Try to give examples of situations where you have handled stess and pressure well, or tell the employer how you personally deal with stressful situations.
  • What do you find difficult about being a nurse?This is often a trick question by employers and you should avoid criticising the profession. Try to mention things which are a essentially 'double negatives' - for example, you could say you that the most difficult aspect of the job is having patients who are unhappy and you are unable to help, which shows negative traits of the profession but also demonstrates your compassion.

Job-specific questions

Some interview questions for nurses will be specific to the job and company you are applying for. They may ask you way you want to work for that particular company, and you should respond with relevant information about the company to the employer (i.e., you want to work with them because they care for a specific type of patient).

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