Interview questions for managers

Stepping into a management role requires a particular skillset. If you have got as far as an interview board, your potential to pass will be strengthened by taking the time to do some basic preparation before the day. Firstly, you’ll need to think of some of the most frequently asked interview questions for managers of all varieties.

What questions are likely to arise?

The panel will want to know all about your experience. As managerial roles carry a lot of responsibility, as well as often considerable remuneration for the organization, it is imperative that the right person is selected for the job. Here is an overview of typically-asked interview questions for managers:-

  • - Current responsibilitiesPotential employers will want to know all about your current and previous job experience. You will want to have rehearsed your answer to the point of exhaustion, so that you can talk enthusiastically about everything you were responsible for. Pay particular attention to the job description of the post you have applied for, and where possible try and weigh your answers towards this.
  • - AccomplishmentsWhile the board will wish to know all about the day-to-day aspects of your previous employment, what will really interest them are any standout situations. They may well ask you what your biggest accomplishment was. On the other hand, they might also enquire what was the least rewarding aspect of the job.
  • - ChallengesAre very common managerial question is toask about how you cope with difficult situations. This is where you will be able to impress by stressing how well you’ve coped with potentially stressful situations, and how willing you have been to accept responsibility.
  • - Why this job?Another question very likely to arise is the practical one that will enquire why you wish to leave your current position. Following on from this they might ask questions such as ‘what was it like to work for your previous manager?’ or ‘how did you deal with any issues with your staff?’

Get the right mindset before facing interview questions

Other common interview questions for managers will focus on what you get up to away from the work environment. These include:-

  • - What clubs or organisations are you a member of?
  • - Can you give examples of how you have used your creative mind to get the optimum results?
  • - Have you accomplished anything you are especially proud of?
  • - Where do you see yourself in five years time?

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