Potential Interview Questions for Administrators

An administrator is someone who provides administrative support to a company; they usually work on computers and must be familiar with basic Microsoft Office packages, and may be required to take on ad hoc office duties (such as filing, receptionist duties, printing and faxing). Interview questions for administrators usually revolve around previous experience and what kind of knowledge you have of office procedures.

Sample Interview Questions

What previous experience do you have relevant to this position?

Adminstration positions vary depending on each company and the role you will undertake. One of the potential interview questions for administrators will be about your previous experience, and how it is relevant for the position you are applying for. Try to provide examples of times when you have performed tasks in previous roles that relate to duties in the role you are applying for, and try to make connections between your previous experience and the potential duties you will take on if you get the new position.

What programmes are you experienced with?

Administrators must be IT literatre. You must have knowledge of all Microsoft Office packages and a good grasp of using office equipment. In other positions, use of specialist software may be required, such as use of SAGE, SAP or database systems. If you do not have experience in these programmes but the company uses them, make it clear that you are willing to learn and confident in your ability to grasp new skills.

What are your strenghs and weaknesses?

One of the general questions asked in all interviews relates to your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths should be relatively straight forward, but when listing your weaknesses try to only mention weaknesses that have potential good points - i.e., you can sometimes take on too many roles because you are keen to learn.

Company Specific Questions

Interview questions for administrators are usually quite general, but you will also be asked company specific questions. For example, they may ask you what you know about the company already, and how your skills can benefit their company in particular. In this case, you need to use experiences and examples from previous employments and make comparisons to the main duties in the job on offer.

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