Interview questions for a Sainsburys job

Although Sainsburys have a huge range of career options, by far the most common source of employment with the supermarket giant is in store. Here we take a look at the interview questions you could be asked on a job interview for a Sainsburys job.

Tell us about yourself.

Having a friendly attitude is important when you're dealing with customers in store everyday. Sainsburys want to have a good idea about who you are as a person and whether you would be a good match for the team. However, don't make this answer overly-personal - it's best to stick to your educational and professional lives.

Why did you apply for a job with Sainsburys?

This is your chance to tell the panel how much you admire the brand and how you love working with people and helping to achieve customer satisfaction.

What do you know about Sainsburys?

You should research an answer to this question in advance. Try not to recite the company's history without giving any insights into how it would affect your role. Don't be afraid to mention more practical aspects like the store's opening hours and the products and services it offers. This will often be more relevant to your position than discussing the company founders and CEOs. Always include the company's vision and philosophies.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The trick to success in this question is to identify a number of strengths that are relevant to the job, and one weakness that is irrelevant to the job.


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