Interview questions and answers for social workers

A career in social work can be demanding, but if you put in the hard work it can also be immensely rewarding. Your first hurdle to securing a post is impressing the interview panel. So it is recommended you anticipate some of the interview questions and answers for social workers you might face.

Some of the key social work interview questions

There is a diverse range of interview questions and answers for social workers. But some of these are fairly universal.

Tell us why we should hire you?Here you should really sell yourself. If necessary, even overplay the qualities you think you have. Remember, you will be one of many people applying for this social work job, so you must stand out from the crowd. Emphasise all the appropriate qualifications you have.

What draws you to social work?As well as reinforcing aspects of your resume, take this opportunity to give extra background. Relate your experience. Talk about someone you know who is already in social work and who has inspired you.

Give examples of your reading and writing skillsAre a lot of existing documentation. Come across as intelligent, literate, and someone who pays close attention to detail. Here you could introduce newsletter articles you contributed, or any professional groups you belong to.

How well do you cope with stress?This can be a mentally-challenging occupation, where you might be dealing with clients in extreme situations. It is a given that social work can be stressful. Here you must impress the board that you are well adjusted and competent, and can deal with any crisis. Where relevant, I like any hobbies you may have, such as sports or playing instruments, which help you relax.

Emphasise your own experience at interview

While it is worthwhile anticipating common interview questions and answers for social workers, sometimes you will be asked about aspects specific to you. Make sure you have a mental short-list of anecdotes to tap into at short notice, depending on how the question is broached. Think of times when friends or family have required help in stressful situations, and exlain how you empathises or assisted.

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