Interview questions and answers for sales

Although the retail industry is one of the UK's largest employment sectors, getting a job can still be daunting. To arm yourself for a good performance at that all-important interview, it's worth doing some serious preparation. One of the best things you can do is anticipate what the panel will ask. So what are typical interview questions and answers for sales staff?

Familiarise yourself with typical sales interview questions

Above all else, any interviewing board will wish to determine you are the right person for the job. So you must be able to deal with all their questions confidently, wherever possible giving practical examples of your experience. Here are common examples of interview questions and answers for sales:-

- Describe your most successful sale

On one occasion I had to think on my feet. A colleague was called away, so I immediately took over the sale. I assured the customer their sale enquiry would be dealt with efficiently. Upon conclusion I introduced features and benefits they had not been aware of.

- In sales, teamwork is all-important. How would your colleagues describe your qualities?

I am definitely a team player. I am focused on detail, and pay close attention to what the customer's expectations. I pride myself in being highly organised.

- How did you find out about this organisation?

I am aware that your company is respected in the retail industry, consistently appearing high in overall sales statistics. I have been following your progress in the media, both print and online.

- Which is best, quality products or good customer service?

Is not an either or situation. Both factors are equally important to a successful sales team.

Why you should be prepared to be diplomatic

Another key aspect about interview questions and answers for sales is that you will be expected to have strong opinions. One question might be 'what aspects of sales do you least like?'. Be honest. You could answer 'I find it frustrating when customers are clearly not interested in buying a product but are merely picking my brains to do their research. However, I would always treat them like any other customer.

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