Interview questions and answers for accounts assistant

Accounting remains a solid career to get into. Despite the ups and downs of the economy - in fact, in many instances because of them - people with the skills and training in maintaining accounts are always required. To get interviewed for a position you should appreciate some of the basic interview questions and answers for any accounts assistant.

Typical questions and answers for accounts assistants

In order to be invited for interview, your job application must have been strong enough to impress your potential employers. So it is important that you emphasise your strengths throughout. Here as some likely interview questions and answers for accounts assistant:-

- You are obviously well-qualified for this job but what experience do you have?

Here you should emphasise everything that you've picked up in your current position. Give the impression that you are familiar with working in a well-established company, and have become respected for the passion and dedication of your accountancy work.

- How familiar are you with the main areas of an accounts assistant's role?

Give clear and concise examples of everything that you know about aspects such as accounts payable and receivable, information management and credit. Show that you can appreciate the skills involved in undertaking recording buildings for storage purposes. Ensure the interview panel appreciate how much you know about fixing billing errors, managing balances, and processing the credit card transactions of clients.

- This company uses the latest accounting software. Do you?

Whether you do use all the types of software or not, some basic background research will enable you to discuss at length the various merits of the likes of MS XL, MS Project, PeopleSoft and Team Design software.

Discuss your own personal attributes

It is all very well explaining how much you know about accounting. But that is only one side of your character. Interview questions and answers for accounts assistant will be aimed at teasing out the person behind the accounts assistant.

- Describe some of your strongest individual qualities?

I am resourceful, highly-dependable, and pay close attention to detail. Can be relied upon as a team player, and will accept responsibility when ever it is offered to me.

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