Internships in the UK 2013

An internship in the UK is a limited or fixed period of time someone works within the industry. Sometimes it's required as part of their full-time job, or is a step up in the career ladder. You can find internships in the UK in 2013 for graduates, school leavers, and even industry professionals looking to move onto a different career.

What kind of internships are available?

You can find internships in the UK from 2013 onwards in almost any sector. Usually, companies will have specific roles and tasks for interns to do - some are menial or involve observation, whilst others are specificially catered to help interns move quickly through the industry and gain some relevant knowledge.

You can gain an internship as a school leaver (16+) with only your GCSEs, a college leaver (19+), a graduate or a professional in the industry looking to change their career. Some internships may require previous experience or a degree, but most are willing to accept applicants with various skills, as long as they have a drive for the particular industry.

Intern Rights and Rate of Pay

If you work for a company that classes you as a 'worker', you will be entitled to the full National Minimum Wage, or more. However, work placements or work experience have not legal status, and the company can class you as a worker, volunteer, or employee which will change what rates of pay your receive and your rights in the workplace.

Student internships and placement through a Univeristy course, school work experience and voluntary work are not classed as 'workers' and are not eligible for the full minimum wage. If you are promised future work, or this is included in a contract, you are classed as a worker and are entitled to full minimum wage.

Where can I find jobs?

You can find internships in the UK for 2013 from various sources. If you're a school leaver, graduate or part of an educational institution, use their services in the first instance and make use of their good connections to employers who may have positions. You can also use Milkround.co.uk, e4s.co.uk and ey.com which provide a list of internships available each month.

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