Where to look for internships in NYC

If you love the Big Apple, you might want to consider applying for internships in NYC. Doing an internship is one of the ways to acquire valuable work experience and eventually land a full or part time job. We take a look at several places on the net where internship opportunities exist.

Useful websites

Searching online is still one of the quickest and efficient ways of looking for incredible internships in NYC. Several sites are solely dedicated to internships to help graduates find suitable opportunities based on their interests and backgrounds. Students, however, are encouraged to apply to specific programmes suitable for their level of education.

  • Internmatch (internmatch.com)

Internmatch has a pool of resources for graduates and undergraduates looking for internships in NYC from sales and marketing to social media and public relations. There are resume and cover letter samples you can peruse to introduce yourself to potential employers whether it is a paid or unpaid internship. At the moment, there are several internships at ABC Global Systems/ABC Network on web development, blogging, creative content writing, and online advertising.

  • NY Creative Interns (nycreativeinterns.com)

NY Creative Interns is not only a support and network website where interns can find inspirations, advice and career guidance. It also launched its own job board in 2012 for internships and entry-level positions in New York City. You will find all sorts of opportunities from copywriting and photography to design and management.

  • NYC Citywide Administrative Services (nyc.gov)

College students and recent graduates who would like to get their feet wet in the public sector might want to consider the NYC Citywide Administrative Services where there are several programmes and fellowships on offer. In exchange for stipends or academic credits, you can gain valuable work experience and a solid network of contacts.

Another site

Last but not the least is Internships (internships.com) where you can find fantastic opportunities from big names such as Apple, Bank of America, Boeing, Deloitte, Google, IBM and many more. Openings are categorised by subject such as architecture, arts, banking, engineering, journalism, marketing, medical, science, sports, and IT. In short, there are many opportunities for internships in NYC for 2013 if you know where to look.

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