Wondering how to apply for international police officer jobs?

Are you a qualified police officer in need of a bit of a change of scenery and wondering how to go about it? Then we have some good news! Right now, there are plenty of brilliant international police officer jobs to be found around the world, and with UK policing experience under your belt, getting them shouldn't be too difficult. In this blog, we check out the best places for you to check to find these jobs!

No matter where you go in the world, qualified police officers are always in demand. Jobs in the EU will be readily available, and both Canada and Australia regularly hold recruitment drives for British bobbies with the promise of working visas and a better life abroad.

A fantastic first site for you to check out if you are looking for a police job is the Police Oracle site at policeoracle.com. This site offers a huge range of facts about working abroad as a police officer, as well as plenty of links to actual jobs, and what you would have to do to grab one of them. It is a fantastic site to check out!

Another site that regularly hosts information about both Canadian and Australian police recruitment drives is the Emigrate 2 site at emigrate2.co.uk. This site has a hugely useful news section, which alerts you, with daily updates, to the kind of jobs you can expect to find abroad. It is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to check out the police officer jobs market abroad!

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