Third sector jobs guide: Working in international charity jobs

If you are considering taking a job in the charity or third sector, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to take a pay cut to find a rewarding charity job. There are many charities that serve whatever interest you may have. Whether it is social care like NSPCC, human rights like Amnesty, religion like the Salvation Army, international development like the Red Cross or sport like Sport4Life, scores of charities are available that offer employment opportunities, including rewarding international charity jobs abroad.

The charity sector

The charity sector is a broad industry that includes not-for-profit, voluntary and community organisations. While only organisations that are registered as charities are officially called charities, trusts also fall in this fold. Charities must be independent of any profiteering individual, enterprise and the government to be registered. They must also benefit the public, which means they don’t have shareholders who might demand a percentage of the organisation’s profits.

Charity fundraisers

Charities raise money for their causes through fundraising. Trust fundraisers or simply fundraisers are the people responsible for raising these funds. The task of raising charity funds involves much more than rattling a tin on the high street.

Fundraisers put together professional funding proposals and apply for funding from large organisations. If you took a job as a fundraising assistant, you can earn anywhere from £15,000 to £25,000, fundraising officer between £20,000 and £35,000 and fundraising manager £33,000.

Public Relations and marketing

Raising awareness of a charity is vital to its success. Increased awareness of a charity’s operations means there is increased likelihood of people donating to the charity’s cause. Public Relations and marketing, therefore, are important career fields in charities.

PR and marketing professionals are responsible for representing the charity at events and organising large-scale fundraisers and liaisons with the view that benefactors will make substantial donations.

Moreover, lobbyists find important roles within charities that involves influencing national policies with the hope of bringing positive change in society. Of course, this depends on the type of charity.

Other job opportunities

Apart from fundraising, lobbying and PR and marketing, roles for campaigners, researchers and lawyers are also available in charities. Additionally, all the jobs that every business, company and organisation requires like HR, admin, accounts, finance and IT are available in charities.

Employment opportunities in the charity sector may also open up as international charity jobs overseas, depending on where the charity is located.

Getting started in the charity sector

UK charities alone employ more than half a million people full-time. Scores of existing large and small charities ensure there is no shortage of employment opportunities. A good way to get started in charity is to leverage volunteering opportunities. Most charities operate with a number of volunteers who work for free within their country of residence or take up international charity jobs abroad. Volunteer in a specific charity you would like to work for as a starting point toward a career in the charity sector.

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