An overview of interim manager jobs

Interim management is an exciting career path that entails providing temporary management and skill resources to business entities. It is essentially a short-term assignment given to a proven interim executive manager, known simply as interim manager, in an organisation. Often, the interim manager takes over executive duties with an organisation during a period of crisis, transition or change.

Duties and responsibilities of interim managers

Interim managers are experienced executives with a proven, heavyweight track record of achievement. They are hired based on the strength of this qualification to initiate a range of key tactical and strategic interventions in a business. The roles and responsibilities they assume in an organisation are critical to the success of the organisation.

Businesses hire them on a project basis to solve problems, fill in gaps or manage important tasks without the burden of traditional overhead costs and shackles of associated with employment. Part of their duties is to plan, consult, advice, implement and embed lessons into the corporate culture free of company polities.

Once the interim manager has done his or her duties and delivered quantifiable results (not just offered advice), the manager exits the organisation and moves on to the next interim management assignment.

Demand for interim managers

Demand for interim managers is steadily rising. More and more business leaders are coming to the realisation that interim managers are a more cost-effective solution than traditional management consultants. Interim managers have especially prove useful for business leaders in the private sector where there has been nobody within an organisation to break into open management roles.

According to the Interim Management Association (IMA), the industry body representing leading companies that recruit interim managers in the UK, interim manager jobs continue to grow in private sector. By the end of December 2012, the private sector accounted for more than two thirds of all interim management assignments.

“The industry is going through a lot of change, and clearly interim managers are more sought after than ever in the private sector.” said Jason Atkinson, chairman of the IMA.

Industry growth prospects in 2013

Predicting growth of the interim management sector in 2013, Mr. Atkinson was clear that interim manager jobs will make big strides into the SME space, supporting young businesses in their growth plans. However, he was quick to point out that 2013 will be a tough year with the flattest growth we have seen. Overall, though, the interim management sector will continue to grow as more businesses recognise the benefits the sector has to offer compared to traditional solutions in strategic business management.

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