Interested in office,admin and secretarial part time jobs in Dublin?

Finding work in Ireland is still tougher than ever. There's no sign of our economy picking up in the immediate future if the media are to be believed, and more and more companies are starting to look abroad in order to save themselves from paying out the huge wages required by Irish staff in comparison to those in other countries like Poland.

However, despite all this doom mongering there are still opportunities available out there for anyone interested in office,admin and secretarial part time jobs. It's worth noting that these positions are unlikely to be realistic for anyone who has little or no previous experience working in the industry tough, and if you are going to have any chance of being successful in your search for this kind of work, we recommend that you have at least three years worth of prior experience under your belt.

On top of that, we also recommend that you have a proven track record working with the software included in the Microsoft Office suite. This package is now the most commonly used suites in offices across Ireland. It is absolutely essential that you are comfortable using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook if you are going to have any chance of being successful in your search for work.

An excellent phone manner is another huge asset, as is a typing speed of more than 55 words per minute. Neither are essential, but they will help to set you apart from your competitors.

In order to find yourself this kind of work in Dublin, we recommend you pay close attention to some of the many excellent recruitment agencies in the Dublin area. In particular, we suggest you take a look at 3Q Recruitment, Veritas House, 7/8 Lower Abbey Street, and Hall Recruitment, 53 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 who have proven experience at finding jobs for between €12.41 and €18.49 per hour for experienced administrative or secretarial staff.

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