Interested in a customer service call centre in West Yorkshire job?

A customer service call centre in West Yorkshire job is a solid choice of career. And there are plenty of opportunities for working in customer service call centres in the area.

Some of the customer service call centres in West Yorkshire you could approach for a job include:

  • BT Contact Central - 1 Sovereign Street, Leeds
  • Vision Group UK - 57 - 59 Town Street, Leeds
  • An Agency Called England - Whitehall Waterfront, 2 Riverside Way, Leeds
  • Clearanswer - 44 - 60 Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey
  • Freedom Communications - Unit 2, Centre 27 Business Park, Batley

The great thing about a customer service call centre job is that they can be picked up without any qualifications or experience of the industry. Unfortunately, the wages are not the best in call centre jobs; most employees only earn the minimum wage. However, if you gain promotion to a supervisor position, you could see your wages double, or even triple.

There are some key skills that employers look for when they're hiring people for call centre jobs. Good customer care skills are essential. A friendly personality is a major help for this and immaculate phone manners go a long way.

Communication and listening skills are also vital. The majority of your day will be spent talking and listening to people, who are often irate, so be being able to understand and deal with their problems effectively is a prerequisite for almost all customer service call centre jobs. And the ability to speak a second language is a major advantage in today's globalised world.

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