Finding intensive driving courses in Kings Lynn

Whether you’re looking to get your driver’s licence for improving your job prospects or for leisure, learning to do so with an intensive course is always a good idea. Intensive driving courses get you ready for passing the DSA official test and get your licence in a short period of time. This type of course involves daily lessons and very often theory preparation as well. If you’re interested in finding intensive driving courses in Kings Lynn, here are some schools that offer courses in this area.

Driving Force (intensivedrivingcourses4u.co.uk) offers intensive driving courses in Kings Lynn, West Lynn, Cambridge and Wisbech. Before booking a driving course with this school, you will be evaluated by an instructor in order to determine your current level. The price of a 12 hour course is £405 and you can also choose a package that offers 2 night’s accommodation at a B&B for an extra £75.

Smart Pass Driving School (smartpassdrivingschool.co.uk) is another school based in Kings Lynn where you can book an intensive 3-day course for £449. The course consists of 12 hours and a test at the end of the driving lessons. This is a perfect choice if you have recently failed your test.

Residential intensive driving courses in Kings Lynn are also available at drivingcourses4u.co.uk. This school offer a 12 hour weekend course for £499. If you think you need more practice, you can book a 25 hour / 5 day course for £799. All prices include both tuition costs and B&B accommodation.

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