Intensive driving courses in Exeter

Intensive driving courses in Exeter are held by driving schools that are experienced in teaching you all about driving in a short time. Intensive classes enable individuals to perform all types of driving-related Coventry jobs including Coventry van driver jobs.

Driving Courses: How Long and How Much

The driving schools that organise intensive driving classes in Exeter can be found on the internet. There are well known driving schools such as Ignition Driving School, the LDC System schools, One Week Driving School and others. The number of hours that you should take is up to you and your driving skills. In addition, it is up to you how intensive your course will be, that is, how many hours per day or week you will take. Prices start at £25 per hour, but they can reach even £32 to £35 per hour.

Job Opportunities

After you have finished your intensive driving courses it may be that you wish to get a job where you can use your new skills. You can work as a van driver, multiple stop driver, courier, rider, etc. Almost any industry needs drivers, from banking to commercial activities, including goods delivery, catering, and so forth. The best offers from direct employers and recruitment agencies can be found on the internet using the following websites: clickajob.co.uk, gumtree.com, jobrapido.co.uk, ukjobsnet.co.uk and mycoventryjobs.co.uk.

Salary Expectations

Driving courses can help you prepare for part time jobs or full time jobs involving driving. Some part time jobs imply night hours, weekends and even holidays. Such jobs are paid a lot better than any other type of driving job. A driver can earn up to £9 per hour under normal circumstances. But if he or she works unusual hours the salary can go up to £12 to £13 per hour.


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