Get on the road with intensive driving courses in Cornwall

If you have put off getting a driver’s licence, but you need one in a hurry now, taking one of the available intensive driving courses in Cornwall is a great way to get you on the road. Whatever the reason you haven’t learned to drive, and whatever the reason you now want to, taking an intensive driving course will allow you to sit the driver test in only about one week.

Finding an Intensive Driving Course

You can look in the trusty telephone book for driving schools, but probably the easiest way to find a school is over the internet. When you search the internet for intensive driving classes in and around the Cornwall area, you might be surprised at how many come up. Here is a list of just a few.

  • Acacia Driving Tuition
  • Intensive Driving Courses Cornwall
  • Driving School Redruth
  • Jenny Hayes

The Cost of an Intensive Driving Programme

All driver-training businesses offer the Pass Plus course for £160. Beyond that, they have different pricing schemes that unfortunately, make it hard to compare prices. You can look at the various websites and decide which one suits you. Here are current prices:

  • Acacia: 12 to 45 hours of training - £310 to £1000
  • Intensive Driving Courses in Cornwall: 5 to 12 days of training - £522 to £1166
  • Driving School Redruth: 10 to 30 hours of training - £195 to £585
  • Jenny Hayes: 2 days to 1 week of training - £230 to £690

Consider a Career as a Driving Instructor

Teaching others how to drive can be a very rewarding job, but it’s not something many people can do. This type of job requires a very calm demeanour and tremendous patience. If you are this type of person, the driving education industry needs you. Full time and part time jobs are available and pay an average of £14.84 an hour. Teaching others how to drive through one of the intensive driving courses in Cornwall can be a very satisfying job.


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