Improve your career prospects with intensive courses in Northern Ireland

Intensive courses in Nothern Ireland can be taken by attending day, evening or weekend classes and online. They offer individuals a fast track into employment and career opportunities.

Intensive courses in Northern Ireland range from beauty therapy, to plumbing, to languages. There are a variety of institutions and organisations providing intensive courses.

International House Belfast conducts intensive courses in languages including English, Spanish and French. Courses consist of twenty hours per week and have a maximum of 12 students.

The University of Ulster has a new intensive course to introduce the basics of online teaching to students. A one day intensive training session is supported by a seven week course delivered online.

The East Belfast Open Learning Centre operates intensive courses in computer skills, skills for life, business and management. Graham training, located in Belfast, run intensive courses in educational training and IT.

Belfast Metropolitan College is the largest further and higher education college in Northern Ireland. They offer intensive courses in subjects including first aid, languages, mathematics, accounting, dog training and many more.

Oriel Training Services in Antrim offer intensive courses in a variety of fields including accounting, childcare, catering and hospitality, hairdressing and retail skills. They give you the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications quickly.

The Olivia Rogers Nail and Beauty Academy run intensive courses from five days to six months. Courses are ideal for people who want to start work as soon as possible. You can work from home or as a mobile therapist, or even open your own salon.

You can improve your career prospects and enhance your employability by taking any one of the intensive courses in Northern Ireland. Whatever your reasons there is a course to suit you.

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