Extend your options with intensive courses in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is located immediately to the north of Greater London. Much of the county is part of the London commuter belt. With a population of over one million people, there are a lot of intensive courses in Hertfordshire to choose from.

Intensive courses range from hairdressing, to bricklaying, to languages and can offer individuals a fast-track into employment and career opportunities. However, it is up to the individual to research market and employment trends before deciding on what course to pursue.

Intensive courses can be taken by attending day, evening or weekend classes and also online. Hertford Regional College and West Herts College run full and part-time intensive courses in beauty therapy. The couurses specialise in beauty treatments from eyelash extensions to face painting.

Many companies such as Ridgemond Training provide intensive trade courses in Hertfordshire. They operate many courses from bricklaying to horticulture and offer assistance to find work placements.

Oaklands College in Hertfordshire offers intensive courses in the English language. The courses cover the use of English in business, literature and teaching.

North Hertfordshire College offers an option for becoming an apprenticeship, which involves a fast-track route to gaining skills employers need. They operate Apprenticeship Academies for business administration, accounting and IT professional training. These intensive courses combine blocks of training at college and work experience with local companies.

You can even do intensive courses in pilates in the Hertfordshire Business Centre. The course provides you with the depth of knowledge and practical programming options to teach effective group or personal training programs to clients.

By taking part in any one of the intensive training courses in Hertfordshire, you can gain qualifications and open the door for career prospects, not only in the UK but all over the world.

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