What are Intensive Driving Courses like in Glasgow, England?

Intensive driving courses are suited and intended for people who have achieved a degree of enthusiasm and talent in driving automobiles. Moreover, such courses are the most efficient, cost effective and convenient methods of gaining superb driving skills required by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) program. People can learn to drive proficiently within the shortest possible time.

Such intensive driving programs assure the best training possible, teaching the driver to carry out the criteria handed down by the DSA. Each tutor is qualified to the highest level of driving.

Theory Driving Program - This is the first part of the Intensive Driving Courses program. This is designed to assist the driver’s training, using fully equipped facilities such as computers and video. The course offers reference guides, practice tests and driving theory exams. With the help of highly qualified tutors and comprehensive learning materials, drivers can work in groups, discuss driving standards, and learn about laws and tips. Candidates can take practice tests with the use of computers and driving simulators.

Video Drive System - During the theory lessons, the tutor constantly monitors the driver's ability, strengths, weaknesses, and discusses the progress within the day. The Video Drive System is used to record a student's driving lessons. The program gives the learner the opportunity to study and view his own driving mistakes or merits at the end of each session. This is one of the many advantages of an intensive course where a person learns to drive over a short period of time. This style of intensive course is unique compared to other competitor courses in other cities.

Driving Exams - A 40-minute examination of a candidates driving skills is taken at the last day of the training course. Drivers are tested in various areas of competency. Competencies include set manoeuvres such as vertical and reverse parking, turning in the road, hill starts, emergency stops, observation and other aspects of day-to-day driving. The driver is graded accordingly in each area of competency. The results of these actual driving tests will determine whether the driver passed or not.

Speciality Driving Techniques - Two of the most important parts of the syllabus in the driving course is the Hazard Perception and the Two-second Rule. Hazard Perception is the ability to spot a situation which may require the driver to take a form of action to avoid the potential hazard. Driving techniques such as use of the appropriate speed, awareness and anticipation, and planning ahead, will ultimately give an individual the time to make the correct decision when on the test. These lessons makes it a quality intensive course for those that want to learn quickly.

The Two-second Rule is known to be the minimum distance that should be maintained between moving cars, which is the distance that a car travels in two seconds. This permits the driver of the car behind it to react correctly to any translation or change in movement.

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