Get there quickly and safely using intensive driving courses with BSM

The British School of Motoring (BSM) is a driving school in the UK providing training in vehicle operation and road safety. Intensive driving courses with BSM are conducted throughout the country.

An intensive driving course is not necessarily going to get you a licence any sooner or easier than regular driving lessons might. However, it does afford individuals, who have not got the luxury of time, the opportunity to fast track their way onto the roads.

The difficult thing with intensive driving courses is having to take everything in really quickly. They are great courses for people with some driving experience, especially those who have failed a driving test in the past. Whatever your reasons, if you embark on an intensive driving course with BSM, you'll get the best possible preparation.

The most important thing on an intensive driving course is that you learn with a professional instructor and all BSM instructors are licensed by the Driving Standard Agency.

The BSM website offers a service where you can book your intensive course online. Individuals can choose a location, the hours of tuition they might require, and the days they are available to sit a lesson or test.

It is recommended that novice drivers get 30 hours of lessons before they take their driving test. BSM call this the fast pass course. Thirty hours of lessons will cost you 649 pounds, which is about the going rate.

If you think you got what it takes to reach the required driving standards quickly, then intensive driving courses with BSM are for you.

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