Intensive courses in Basingstoke combine study with a job or busy lifestyle

Basingstoke is a town in north east Hamsphire, in south central England. It is an economic centre with low unemployment. With a population of approximately 85,000 people, there is a big demand for intensive courses in Basingstoke.

Intensive courses range from sport to business, and offer individuals a fast track into employment and career opportunities. However, it is up to individuals to research market and employment trends before deciding on what course to pursue.

Intensive courses can be taken by attending day, evening or weekend classes. The Basingstoke College of Technology runs a variety of intensive courses in business, computing, construction, music and sport. The courses are mainly evening classes and offer instruction and guidance to gain qualifications, allowing you to continue working.

Queen Mary's College in Basingstoke offers intensive courses in web design, health & safety, languages and many other skill building classes. Most of the courses are run over a couple of months, one or two evenings per week. The courses are job related and designed to improve your career prospects.

These colleges offer students assistance through the whole jobseeking process. They have career services, work placement programmes and employment fairs to help students find work.

Intensive courses are run in the Basingstoke Beta Merton House on Joule Road. The courses offered include welding, turning, soldering, electrical hydraulics and many more. These intensive courses usually last from one to five days.

Details of intensive driving courses you can do in Basingstoke can be found on the intensive-driving.com website. An intensive driving course for the complete novice will take 5 days and cost eight hundred and eighty pounds.

By taking part in intensive training courses in Basingstoke you can gain qualifications and open the door for career prospects all over the UK.

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