Significant investment is supporting Intel construction jobs in Ireland

The Intel Corporation is investing five hundred million dollars at its Leixlip facility in County Kildare. Approximately 850 Intel construction jobs will be created, giving the region a vital boost.

The project involves a total refit of one of the older factories on the Kildare campus and is expected to take two years to complete. The plant which is being renovated, will be stripped down to make it ready for future investments.

Bam Contractors (formerly known as Ascon), have been carrying out construction work at the Leixlip facility since 1990. They are committed to excellence and employ dedicated people from a variety of backgrounds.

You can apply by completing the application form on the jobpage of the company's website or you can post a CV to their Head Office. Bam employees enjoy excellent working conditions including a pension scheme, promotional opportunities, a competitive salary and a comprehensive training system.

Large construction companies like Bam Contracting very often use recruitment agencies to hire personnel. Hays Construction is one of Ireland's industry-leading suppliers of staff to the construction industry. Candidates can browse jobs online, submit a CV or speak to expert recruitment consultants about Intel construction jobs.

MCR Personnel is the principle supplier of Trades and Labour in Ireland. They have first hand knowledge of how construction companies operate and act as a middle man between the employer and the employee. They can take some of the hard work out of finding a construction job at Intel.

Intel's decision to upgrade it's facility in Leixlip is a major boost for the Irish construction industry. The companies expanding operations are  creating Intel construction jobs in Ireland.

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