The best places to look to find insurance jobs

Have you recently qualified with a financial or mathematical degree and are now wondering what your next step on your career path should be? There are countless positions available in the insurance industry, and with qualifications like yours, you should have no problem snagging one! Keep reading as we check out the best places for you to check out to find insurance jobs in the UK.

The insurance industry is one that continues to go from strength to strength in the UK, and it is the perfect place to go job seeking thanks to the large amount of openings present for the right candidates. We suggest starting your search on the Insurance Jobs site at insurancejobs.co.uk. This site rounds up all of the current available insurance openings around the UK, and right now, they have over 900 different openings, the most of which can be found in and around London. They also upload your CV, meaning you can continue to job hunt even when you aren't online. They have specialist sections for claims jobs, underwriting jobs, risk management jobs and broking jobs.

A fantastic recruitment site for jobs in the insurance industry is the Reed site, and their dedicated insurance jobs page at reed.co.uk/generalinsurance. Reed are the recruitment site of choice for professional careers, and they offer a huge range of openings in the insurance industry, making them a hugely attractive proposition for job seekers looking to get a foot in the door.

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