Fantastic independent social worker jobs

There are fantastic independent social worker jobs available throughout the UK. A social worker works with those that are excluded from society or are experiencing crisis. Over 50% of social workers work with young people and their families. They predominately work with young offenders, people with mental health conditions, drug and alcohol abusers, people with learning and physical disabilities and the elderly.

A great place to start your search for independent social work is britishsocialworkjobs.com.They have a huge selection of positions available throughout the UK.They also have a useful search feature where you can refine your search by location and the type of work you require. It is also possible to upload your CV to the site so employers can headhunt you for a suitable position. The average wage of a social worker is £22 to £28 per hour.

Another useful site in your search for employment is avocsetisw.co.uk. Avocet provides independent social workers to local authorities and to  private sector organisations across the UK. They have been established for over 20 years and specialise in the protection of children. It is a requirement that you hold a social work degree and experience, while not essential, is preferred for many of these positions.

Social workers are an integral part of society. They help the vulnerable in society to deal with their problems and overcome them. They are also very important in the protection of children and are a safeguard to mental and physical abuse that children can be subjected to.


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