Looking for immediate start jobs abroad?

Working abroad is usually associated with months of careful planning, organisation and research. Lots of popular jobs abroad are snapped up up to a year in advance, while seasonal staff return year after year to the same positions. The best accommodation is also booked up fast, especially over peak tourist seasons. But what if you want to find immediate start jobs abroad?

Immediate start jobs are possible, but you should consider this advice to stop it from going pear shaped...

  • The best way to find immediate start jobs abroad is to go to the country and place that you want to work and start asking around. However, to do this you will need substantial savings. You'll have to have enough to pay for your one way ticket over (which is usually very expensive when purchased last minute), plus enough money in your account or on your credit card to book your return flight. You will also need money to pay ffor your food, accommodation, and generally tie you over until you find a job and get your first pay cheque.
  • Before you leave home, ask someone who is fluent (preferably native) in the local language to read over a translated copy of your CV. This will spare any confusion and the embarrassment of realising that there's a mistake after you've already handed out four dozen copies.
  • Learn some local language if you don't know any yet. To find immediate vacancies, you'll usually have to request to speak to the manager and then discuss the type of position you are looking for plus your relevant experience.

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