IMechE Skills Initiative

Recently, The Institute of Mechanical Engineers, or IMechE for short, announced a new IMechE skills initiative that will help to generate approximately 100,000 jobs by the year 2018 in the UK. This initiative is aimed at tackling a skills shortage in the mechanical engineering field and it is hoped this scheme will create a whole new generation of technical engineers.

The Future looks Bright

Whe it comes to mechanical enginnering, the UK lags behind many nations as things stand. This gap would surely increase in the years to come but the government just announced plans to invest billions in the sector. This comes at a vital time as currently approximately 13,000 enginnering students graduate each year and presently there is a gap in the level needed in engineering jobs to what a graduate knows. Therefore, IMechE has devised the skills initiative.

The IMechE skills initiative will aim to create around 100,000 engineering technicians through providing structured apprenticeships where future engineers can put their academic knowledge into practice and learn on the job with focused, practical tasks. This means that a good portion of the 13,000 annual graduates can get hands on experience upon graduation. This on the job apprenticeship style training will be vital in ensuring that UK engineers will be capable of keeping pace with the leading countries.

By availing of this skills initiative, each technician will receive a globally recognised professional registration from Engineering Technician(EngTech) that will make them a fully registered engineering technician. You can follow the latest from IMechE on their twitter account at www.twitter.com/IMechE.

Build on your Qualifications

Taking advantage of the IMechE skills initiative is a great way to get yourself up to speed in the enineering field. Rather than entering a full time job straight from the classroom, taking the time to complete the structured work experience that this initiative offers will lead to more rounded engineers.

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