If you're looking for work, check out direct.gov.uk

As the United Kingdom continues to struggle on the employment front, the government continues to do everything it can to stimulate the economy and make things as easy as possible for job seekers. Rather than standing still and letting people sort things out for themselves, there have been a wide range of initiatives taken by the government, as well as overhauls to existing employment tools such as job centres and the direct.gov.uk website.

By heading on over to direct.gov.uk, you'll be able to find a vast amount of information about finding work. Whether you're looking for a specific kind of employment or just want to get a feel for what's available in the employment market right now, you should be more than catered for by this particularly helpful site.

With one of the largest job vacancy databases found anywhere in the United Kingdom, literally any industry or position you can think of is covered on the site, and you'll be able to browse the listings with a few simple clicks thanks to the exceptionally straightforward and uncluttered layout of the site.

Searching couldn't be any easier; all you need to do is type in your post code or location and a job title or industry and you'll be shown all the matching results in an easy to follow format. Alternatively, the option is there to take a look at all the jobs available in a certain area for those of you who would rather not limit your choices.

On top of the excellent job search feature, you'll find lots of helpful advice and guides on how best to approach your job search. Popular topics like CV writing, recruitment agencies, online job sites, application forms, cover letters and interview techniques are all covered in great detail, meaning that direct.gov.uk is the ideal employment solution for you.

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