If you are looking for jobs from FAS.ie then we have news for you

If you had been thinking of taking advantage of the facilities offered by FAS.ie to get yourself a new job, then we are going to share some news with you in this blog. FAS are to be replaced in the near future in Ireland by a brand new training body called SOLAS, and they hope to bring about an even larger amount of help for jobseekers.

Solas, or (Seirbhísí Oideachais Leanúnaigh agus Scileanna) means beacon or light in the Irish language, and that will be continuing on most of the services that FAS offered in the past under the auspices of the Department of Education and Skills, funding a range of training and continued education programmes across all of Ireland.

The reason FAS is being replaced is the fact that it had been embroiled in some scandal in the past, and it had become seen as quite a bloated organisation that was in need of both a re-brand and an overhaul. The new body will try and shift the emphasis away from training of skills like construction, into skills that are required for growth areas in the Irish job market like services, ICT, medical treatment, food and the biopharma sectors.

The good news is that if you currently participate in a FAS course, then your training will not be affected, and your course will continue on until it's completion. All staff will be catered for too, with some transferring to other government departments and regional staff getting transferred to the VEC's.


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