We take a look at IC Coventry for jobs in the area

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IC Coventry is a great website that is dedicated to everything in the Coventry area from news to sports and local companies to jobs. You can read local newspapers and find out everything you need to know that is happening in the area. When you look at IC Coventry jobs, you are actually looking at jobs on their partner website, fish4.co.uk.

Coventry.fish4jobs.co.uk is an excellent place to find hundreds of the latest jobs throughout Coventry. When you are brought to their website, you simply need to enter a few simple details such as the position you wish to work as or how far from Coventry you can commute. You will then get a list of the most recent positions.

You can also choose to search for the most recent jobs by industry. Almost every industry is catered for including accountancy, construction, manufacturing and sales.

With Fish4jobs.co.uk, you can choose to search from full time or part time jobs, public or private sector jobs or even graduate programmes and courses.

As well as offering you all the hottest jobs, there is some excellent advice available about preparing your cover letter and CV. We advise that all jobseekers read this section carefully as we can't stress enough the importance of a well laid out CV.

Why not register on IC Coventry for jobs and you will get the latest jobs emailed to your inbox, based on your preferences. Simply take a look at iccoventry.co.uk and start your new job search now.

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