I want a job working from home in the UK!

Ever think to yourself, 'I want a job working from home in the UK?' We may be able to help.

There are more work from home positions than ever in the UK. Employers are beginning to move away from the traditional view that telecommuting is some kind of employee benefit, and towards the view that it can give positive results for them as well. For example, employees who work from home are more productive and take less sick days.

However, it's not all good news for work from home job seekers. As with all other types of career, they have been hit hard by the financial recession. Although the number of vacancies may be high, there are more people out of work and more people wanting to take on a second job - so competition for these vacancies is higher than ever.

Remember too that work from home jobs can usually be done online - so you'll be facing competition from right across the world rather than just your local area.

If you want a job working from home in the UK, you'll either have to be an expert at something (writing, designing, card making etc.) or you'll have to start your own business.

Either way, it's important to plan your time wisely and stay positive throughout the initial process of applying for jobs or establishing your business. This can be a difficult period that doesn't usually go as smoothly as you might like. Remain focussed on your goal and don't give up - things are likely to improve!

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