I want a great job in Manchester now

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Manchester is one of the major cities in the UK and has fantastic employment opportunities in a wide range of sectors. Administration, sales, teaching, finance, engineering and construction some of the biggest industries in the city and could provide the answer to anyone who says 'I want a job in Manchester'.

Recruitment agencies are a great place to find a job in Manchester. Total Jobs, Job is Job and Reed are a few of the agencies that cater to the Manchester area and have thousands of vacancies between them.

Once you have a CV uploaded on to the website, you're free to apply for any positions that interest you. It also gives employers in the area, who are trying to fill positions, the chance to find you.

Another excellent service that should be availed of with online recruitment agencies is email alerts of new vacancies. This gives you the chance to stay on top of things in the job hunt.

Local newspapers and radio stations are also good sources of job vacancies in Manchester. Keeping a close eye on the local media is highly recommended for job seekers in Manchester. And word of mouth can help you find jobs in Manchester, so make sure you let friends and family in the area know that you're currently looking for work.

There's loads of help available to job seekers in Manchester. Drop into the local job centre to get expert advice on key aspects of job hunting such as your CV and courses you can do to bolster it.

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