Employment Opportunities on the Hull Mail Jobs Page

Mail News and Media is a large multi-media publishing company which is based in Hull in the Northeast of England. This firm has a number of job opportunities for qualified professionals in a range of fields. All of these vacancies, along with job specifications and other information, are advertised on the Hull Mail jobs page.

The Hull Mail website provides considerable information and assistance to jobseekers. It aims to provide an overview of life as an employee of the group, including descriptions of various roles within the company and information on training opportunities. They also provide a list of the top five reasons to work for the company, which include the possibility of a variety of career paths and also the opportunity to work in a motivated team atmosphere.

There are job opportunities listed on the Hull Mail jobs page for each of the departments in the company. The various departments include the Marketing Department, the Finance Department, the Editorial Department and the Advertising Department. Other job opportunities exist in the IT and Circulation Departments. Therefore there is a welath of jobs available in the company for qualified applicants from a wide range of backgrounds.

Each department in Mail News and Media lists a number of positions also. For example the Finance Department has roles for Business Analysts, Accountants and Assistant Accountants. A fully paid study package is provided for accountants who wish to obtain professional qualifications such as ACCA. Similarly the remaining departments within the company also have a number of positions for successful applicants.

All vacancies with Mail News and Media are listed on the Hull Mail jobs page, at http://www.mailjobs.co.uk/index.php?/vacancies/.

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