Find Your Next Opportunity with Hull Jobcentre

Hull is home to more than one jobcentre: The Hull jobcentre plus at Britannia House is located at 2 Ferens Way, Hull, HU1 8NF. Contact the Hull Britannia House jobcentre by telephone at 0845 604 3719 or textphone at 0845 608 8551.

Alternatively, visit the Hull jobcentre at Market Place, less than a mile away at South Church Side, Market Place, Hull, HU1 1RU. The Hull Market Place jobcentre can be reached by phone at 01482 584444 or 0845 606 0234.

Various services and resources are available for jobseekers at each of the Hull jobcentre locations. Some of the programmes and benefits offered include the following:

Apply for Benefits, Crisis Loans and Assistance

Visit the Hull jobcentre in person to apply for benefits -- such as jobseeker's allowance, incapacity benefits or income support -- and crisis loans if you have an urgent need. Eligible individuals may receive assistance towards cold weather heating payments, furniture, clothes and travel, and help is also available for the homeless or those recently released from prison.

Hull jobcentre "Flexible New Deal" programmes

Job seekers who have received benefits for 12 months or more are mandated to take part in New Deal, or Flexible New Deal. Hull job seekers will create an action plan and participate in work experience to help land a permanent job opportunity. During the new deal programme, job seekers must visit Hull jobcentre at least once every two weeks, and any change in circumstances must be immediately reported to the jobcentre.

Progress to Work

This programme is especially designed for individuals who are in the rehabilitation process and recovering from drug misuse. Explain your situation to an advisor at Hull jobcentre and you will be assigned a specialized case worker to help you search and apply for jobs. Your case worker will also support you through treatment.

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