Check the Hull Daily Mail for jobs on Humberside

Although print media have increasingly given way to online sites for employment advertisements, on Humberside the Hull Daily Mail jobs section remains an important resource for anybody looking for vacancies in the region.

The Hull Daily Mail is published Monday to Saturday and has a readership of 170,000, making it a useful advertising outlet for employers in the area, alongside the major job search websites.

You can check the classifieds in the newspaper but most jobseekers in the area take a more systematic approach. The newspaper's website thisishullandeastriding.co.uk features a dedicated jobs and recruitment section that usually features more than 200 jobs in the Humberside region.

These can include anything from game keeping to shops management. For a targeted search, register on the site. It is then possible to upload your CV, and specify which areas of work particularly interest you.

The recruitment section also includes regular features on employment trends, new companies starting up in the area, and innovative ways of finding jobs, all of which can offer you some ideas that can help with your own search.

Major private sector employers in Hull include Kcom, the telecommunications company, Ideal Standard bathroom and kitchen designers and Reckitt Benkiser, the leading manufacturer of household cleaning products. Willerby Homes, among the leading designers of holiday homes, has recently become one of the major employers in Hull.

Along with public sector employers like the local council and the NHS, these companies usually include their advertisements for job vacancies in the Hull Daily Mail jobs section.


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